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Parents and/or guardians are responsible for providing their child with meals during the school day.  The District provides breakfast and lunch service.  The parent(s) and/or guardian(s) have the choice of either 1. paying for meals thru the food service program or 2. sending their child to school with a “brown bag” lunch.


Each student will have his or her own food service account.  An associated pin number will be assigned to each child by the Food Service Director.


Parents and/or guardians are asked to pre-pay to their child’s food service account.  The account assigned to each student is a “debit card” system with pre-paid deposits and withdrawals for each breakfast and lunch.  The computer system maintains a daily activity and balance report on each student.  Payments to a child’s food service account can be made at any time, including summer vacation.


Parents and/or guardians may deposit money into their child(ren)’s account(s) in the following manners:

  1. Sending in or bringing in a check or cash.
  2. Applying money to the online account with a credit or debit card.

Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to 1. deposit a minimum of two weeks of breakfast and/or lunch money into their child(ren)’s account, and required to 2. maintain a positive cash balance during the entire school year.


Parents and/or guardians will be notified by the Food Service Director (via telephone, e-mail, or printed notice) if their child’s debit account reaches a zero balance.  Parents and/or guardians are asked to make a deposit into their child’s account as soon as possible after notification.


If and when a student account exceeds a negative balance of $10.00, the student will no longer receive a lunch or breakfast and will be provided with a Sun Butter and Jelly sandwich and milk for a cost of $1.00 at lunch time only.  Students will only be provided the regular lunch and/or breakfast meals once their account has sufficient funds deposited in it.  Any child with a previous year ending negative balance will not be eligible the following year lunch program until that negative balance is cleared.



Bank fees for any check that is returned for insufficient funds will be charged to the student account.  If two checks are returned for insufficient funds, the student will be required to pay for their lunch in cash for the remainder of the school year.


Collection procedures will be initiated for any student account that has had a negative balance for 30 days or more (remove “or any student account with a negative balance that exceeds $50).  The procedures will include a certified letter/return receipt to the responsible party.  This letter will be








followed by a telephone call from the Food Service Director, Assistant Principal, or Guidance Counselor.


Parents and/or guardians will have two weeks after receipt of the certified letter to speak with the school and make arrangements for payment.  If there is no response within the two week period, action will be taken in small claims court.  The cost of small claims court will be the responsibility of the parents and/or guardians.  The cost will be added to the balance owed.



In cases of economic hardship, parents and/or guardians are encouraged to file an application to participate in the national free and reduced meals program.  Applications are available on the Northwood School District’s web site or from the Food Service Director.  The information provided is completely confidential.  Once approved for the free meals program, the student’s account will receive a daily credit for free breakfast and lunch.  Any outstanding money owed to the food service program prior to being approved for free or reduced lunch is still owed by the parent and/or guardian.  Once approved for the reduced meals program, the student’s account will receive a partial credit toward daily breakfast and lunch (reduced meals cost 40 cents for lunch and 30 cents for breakfast;  prepayment to the student’s debit account is requested).  Applicants must reapply annually for the free and reduced program (removed no later than September 30).


Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to apply for free and reduced meals if their economic situation changes during the school year.  Applications can be obtained anytime during the school year and during the summer.



APPROVED BY THE BOARD                                REVISED BY THE BOARD

July 6, 2009                                                                August 1, 2012



Colleen Pingree, Chair                                              Chris Andrews, Chair

Dave Ruth, Vice Chair                                              Helen Ash, Vice Chair

Barbara Gendron                                                       Dave Ruth

Bill Tappan                                                                 Tim Jandebeur

Mark Overmyer                                                        Scott Bulger