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POLICY #JLCAA –                                            STUDENT PHYSICALS & SPORTS


All students in grades K-8 of the Northwood School shall have physicals as outlined herein:


All Students:


New Hampshire RSA 200:32 states: …"There shall be a complete medical examination by a licensed physician of each child prior to, or upon first entry into the public school system, and thereafter as often as deemed necessary by the local school authority, provided no medical examination shall be required of a child whose parent or guardian objects thereto, in writing, on the grounds such medical examination is contrary to his religious tenets and teachings."…


Based on this N.H. State Law, a child may be excluded from school for non-compliance with this state law.  A grace period of thirty days after enrollment may be granted by the School Board.  If a physical is not completed within the 30 day grace period, proof of a medical appointment MUST be presented to the school, or the child may be excluded from school.


Sports Participants:


A medical physical is not required.  However, the Northwood School reserves the right to require a physical if in it’s judgment, it would be in the best interests of the child and School District.


Parent Guardian signature on the “Permission to Participate” form indicates that in the parent/guardian’s judgment, the child is medically fit.




Adopted by the Board                                                            REVISED by the Board

July 21, 1994                                                                                       May 1, 2000                                                         



Althea Behm, Chairperson                                                               Norman Dodge                                                    

Grace Mattern                                                                                     Robert Clark

B. Lee Mason                                                                                       Catherine McNally

Norman Dodge                                                                                     Richard Levergood

Ann Strout                                                                                            Christine Tappan

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Permission To Participate






      Student Name                                                                                            Age                                           Grade


has my permission to participate in                                                                                       at the Northwood


Sport or Activity


Elementary School.  I will take responsibility for providing transportation for my child, whenever needed, to and from try outs and/or practices, home games.


In case of an emergency, I authorize the Northwood School Officials to obtain medial treatment for my child.


In order for my child to participate in any sport (practices, games), I know that my child will need to have this permission form signed and placed on file in the School Office prior to participation.  The Northwood School reserves the right to require a medical physical, if in the judgment of the School Nurse, it would be in the best interests of the child and School District.  Signing this form allows my child to participate in this sport or activity.  Further, I recognize that there may be risks of personal injury associated with this activity.  I assume those risks and release, indemnify, and hold harmless School Administrative Unit #44, Northwood School Board, Northwood School District, its' employees, agents, and volunteers assisting in this sport or activity from any and all manner of actions of claims related thereto, whether caused by negligence, or otherwise.


This permission, release and indemnity agreement is executed on behalf of the parent(s) or guardians(s) and the student.


The undersigned has read and voluntarily signs this permission form, release and indemnity agreement.




            Parent or Guardian Signature                                                                                                 Date Signed 



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            Mother's or Guardian's Work Phone                                               Father's or Guardian's Work Phone



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