Northwood School District

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The mission of Northwood School is to inspire students to be lifelong learners.  As a community we are committed to providing a safe, challenging environment that encourages all students to aspire to excellence.


Policy Conditions:


  1. The athletic program is an integral part of the school curriculum and comes under the authority of the Administration to the same degree as do all other phases of the curriculum.
  2. Expenditures for the athletic program are incorporated as part of the general budget of the Board and are subject to the same approval procedures as academic expenditures.
  3. District participation in interscholastic athletics shall be subject to approval by the Board.  This shall include approval of membership in any leagues, associations, or conferences, rules for student participation and of annual sports schedules.  Northwood School is a member of the Southeast League and is governed by rules that are subject to School Board approval.
  4. No student may start practice for any athletic team until written consent is obtained from the parent/guardian.
  5. All Northwood School student-athletes are required to have an annual yearly medical physical on file with the school’s health office, clearing them for participation in interscholastic sports with no restrictions.
  6. Accident or injury insurance for students engaging in interscholastic athletics shall be the responsibility of the parents.
  7. All students must maintain a cumulative average of 78 in order to participate (including tryouts) based on the previous report card OR progress report, including the 4th quarter report card (not the final average).  During an athletic season, if a student has one or more failing grades on their report card OR progress report, they become ineligible for the remainder of that season.  If a student receives a grade of an incomplete on a progress report or report card, that student will remain eligible until that grade is made final. 

           *If applicable, a summer school grade counts as the most recent grade for eligibility.

  1. All students trying out for an athletic team must attend all scheduled tryouts, practices, and games unless previously excused by the coach.  If special circumstances arise, the parent/athlete must arrange a prior meeting with the coach.  The coach will then notify the Athletic Director of any special situations;  whereas the Athletic Director will meet with Administration and either approve the circumstances or not.
  2. Any student who has an after school detention is not permitted to attend a scheduled practice or game must miss the practice or game to meet this obligation.  A mandatory help session must also be attended by the student but with no practice or game punishment to the athlete.  They may participate when the help session has concluded.
  3. Any student who receives multiple disciplinary measures will have his/her athletic eligibility reviewed by the Athletic Director and Administration.  A school suspension may result in an athlete’s removal from the athletic team, pending review of the suspension by the Athletic Director and Administration.
  4. Northwood School has a zero tolerance policy concerning drugs, tobacco and alcohol.  Any student caught using, possessing, or is in the presence of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol will be subject to immediate dismissal from the team pending review by the Athletic Director and Administration.




  1. Proper conduct and behavior is required of all team members when playing at home or traveling to other schools.
  2. Appropriate dress is required of all team members and coaches on game days as determined by the coach.  Each athlete is responsible for appropriate attire at games and practices.  Each is athlete is responsible for maintaining the good condition of their uniform.  Any uniform that is lost or destroyed by an athlete will result in a bill for the estimated cost of the uniform.
  3. All students must ride the bus to and from all games unless arrangements have been made with the coach.  Previous written permission must be obtained to ride with someone other than the student’s guardian.
  4. Students may participate in (2) school-sponsored athletic teams during one season under the following conditions: 

*Students must have made the honor roll during the previous quarter in order to be eligible to participate in 2 sports.

*In all cases, students must be approved by the Athletic Director and Administration.

  1. Sports schedules and field conditions are as dictated by the league include:  The maximum number of games that each team may play is restricted to the number of games in league play, including league tournament.
  2. Athletic games and practices:

a.       Minimum of four instructional games/practices per week for each sport (weather permitting).

b.      Maximum time per practice is limited to two hours.

c.       No Sunday practices.

d.      Practices during vacations are not mandatory and must be cleared by Administration.  Students will not be penalized for not being able to attend a vacation practice.

  1. The Northwood School Board reserves the right to charge fees for interscholastic athletic participation.
  2. The following sports programs may be offered:

a.  Boys’ soccer                                   Grades 6-8

b.  Girls’ soccer                                    Grades 6-8

c.  Boys’ basketball (A & B teams)       Grades 6-8

d.  Girls’ basketball (A & B teams)       Grades 6-8

e.  Cheerleading                                    Grades 6-8

f.  Boys’ baseball                                  Grades 6-8

g.  Girls’ softball                                   Grades 6-8

h.  Cross Country                                 Grades 5-8

  1. The recommended number of players per team:

* Basketball A Team:  12 players

* Basketball B Team:  12 players, plus 1-3 instructional players at Athletic

   Director’s discretion.

* Soccer Teams:  18 players, plus 1-3 instructional players at Athletic Director’s


* Baseball/Softball:  15 players, plus 1-3 instructional players at Athletic

   Director’s discretion.

* Cheerleading:  Coach and Athletic Director’s discretion.

* Cross Country:  unlimited.





Student/Athlete Guidelines

Parent/Coach Relations



ADOPTED BY THE BOARD                                  REVISED BY THE BOARD           

November 8, 1977                                                      March 7, 1978


AMENDED BY THE BOARD                                 REVISED BY THE BOARD

July 23, 1992                                                              July 15, 2008



Mr. Kenneth Curley, Chairman                                Colleen Pingree, Chair

Mrs. Althea Behm                                                     Janabeth Reitter, Vice Chair

Mrs. Betsy Chadwick                                                Barbara Gendron

Ms. Ann Strout                                                          Dave Ruth

Mr. B. Lee Mason                                                     Cheryll Andrews


REVISED BY THE BOARD                                    REVISED BY THE BOARD

October 20, 2008                                                        July 5, 2012



Colleen Pingree, Chair                                              Chris Andrews, Chair

Janabeth Reitter, Vice Chair                                    Helen Ash, Vice Chair

Barbara Gendron                                                       Dave Ruth

Dave Ruth                                                                  Tim Jandebeur

Cheryll Andrews                                                        Scott Bulger



September 20, 2012



Chris Andrews, Chair

Helen Ash, Vice Chair

Dave Ruth

Tim Jandebeur

Scott Bulger