Northwood School

511 1st NH Turnpike, Northwood, NH 03261 Tel: 603-942-5488 Fax: 603-942-5746

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Board Goals

School Board Goals

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Northwood School Board Goals, adopted 22 January 2009

Foster a sense of belonging through effective communication with students, staff, parents, town residents, and the other communities & schools in our SAU.


Encourage parents to be educational heroes to their children. Challenge parents to promote high expectations and strong values; maintain a supportive home environment that supports education; and contribute to  their child’s education through volunteerism.

Sense of Accomplishment
Recognize and acknowledge the accomplishments of administration, faculty, staff, students, coaches, parents, and the board.

Fun & Excitement
Maintain a professional development program that is inspirational to faculty and staff.  Create a school environment that allows this inspiration to carry over into the classroom.

Curiosity & Creativity
Maintain curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking & creativity; meets the social, emotional, and educational needs of all students; and is aligned throughout grade levels.

Spirit of Adventure
Encourage administration, faculty, staff, and students to explore new ways to teach and learn.  Celebrate creativity.

Leadership & Responsibility
Exemplify the qualities most important to us as school board members: integrity, compassion, optimism, responsibility, and thoughtfulness.

Confidence to Take Action
Respect the opinions of others but always maintain the confidence to act in the best interests of the school community.

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