Northwood School

511 1st NH Turnpike, Northwood, NH 03261 Tel: 603-942-5488 Fax: 603-942-5746

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Main Office Page
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Welcome to the Main Office of

Northwood School

511 First NH Turnpike

Northwood, NH 03261


Phone: (603) 942-5488

Fax: (603) 942-5746

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Online office forms



The following announcements are very important in our day to day operations

here at Northwood School:


** It is very important for parents to call the office if your student is going to be absent. You may leave a message on voicemail if it is before or after school hours.


**Information regarding our One Call Now system: In the event of a cancellation, early release or other important announcements a One Call Now notification will be sent to all phone numbers that were submitted to the school at the beginning of the year. If any of these phone numbers or emails change throughout the year please contact the office as soon as possible. We do not want you to miss any important announcements.


**If your student is being dismissed at anytime throughout the school day, please send in a note to their teacher. This will give the teacher advanced notice to have work ready for dismissal. It is difficult for teachers to be interupted during class time to gather work for students that are being dismissed.


**Please refer to the Student Handbook regarding our absence and tardy policies.

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