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6th, 7th and 8th Grade Netbook News

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Netbook Update Page:  Last updated 6/10/2017




All student netbooks will be collected in the computer lab (Room 101) on June 15th.  (Thursday)  Times will be determined that morning.  Students will need to bring their netbooks, cases and power adapters.


List of Network Printers shared with all or most users by room










Color Laser Printer





Ir-ADV 6255

Black laser printer





HP color laser

Color Laser Printer




Computer Lab


Color Laser Printer











Color laser printer






Black laser printer




Netbook Info Presentation


Netbook Issue Paperwork for sign-out:  PDF files

Netbook Guidlines (Please read, you do not have to print)

Parent Acknowledgement Form

Student Pledge Form

Insurance Form (if you want insurance coverage)

Computer Signout Form

Liability Form (If you do not want insurance)

Computer and Internet Policy (do not print, will be collected from all students)

Insurance info description (Please Read, you do not have to print)


Netbook Turn-in June 2016

We will be conducting our netbook turn in this year starting with the 8th grade on Monday, June 13th and then the 7th grade on Tuesday, June 14th.
Any student who cannot be in school on  the turn in day can turn in their netbook either on the other day provided or contact Mr. Robert about turning it in on a different date.
Students will be called to the computer lab during a time of the day that has as little impact to the class schedule as possible. (most likely RTI)
Students are expected to turn in their netbook, charger and case to Mr. Robert in the computer lab.  Mr. Robert will inspect the unit for serviceability and provide a signed receipt to the student (as well as keeping one on file).
If there is possible damage to the equipment, Mr. Robert will contact the parent or guardian and will either process the repair through the insurance company or other arrangements will be made.
Please make sure your student brings in their netbook, charger and case on the day specified so we can collect them as efficiently as possible.
If your student does not have a netbook due to it being processed for repair, please bring the remaining equipment to get a receipt.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


6th-8th grade students are encouraged to bring in their own earpud accesories for Smarter Balanced testing.  Students bringing in these devices makes are more comfortable experiance for the student and allows school owned headphones to be used with other classrooms and individual testers.

Just another reminder that if you are not using your netbook for more than 10-20 minutes you should shut the unit down and then turn it back on when you need to use it.  Going into standby every few minutes is causing major problems for some units due to update interuptions and even standby interuptions (opening and closing the unit in less than 1 minute)  The less you use the standby feature the better the netbook will perform.


Prep Netbooks for NWEA testing Due 9/21/2015 (click for video)




New netbook users need to make sure they log in at least once into the school network domain before attempting to log in outside the building.  Failure to log in first within the school will cause the computer to give you an error saying it doesn't see a valid domain.


**Netbook Parent Info nights and take home program issue nights for 7th and 8th graders for the 2015-2016 school year, are Monday, August 31st 5:15PM-6:15PM in the Gym for the information session (mandatory for families that did not attend a session last year).  The Issue portion will begin at 6:30PM in the library.  All forms will need to be complete before the student receives the netbook.**

** the 2nd info night and issue will be Wednesday, September 2nd same times and locations.

There is a $25 user fee per year for the take home program.  Please have checks payable to the "Northwood School".

Insurance plans for new users are $29 for one year and $57 for 2 years.  Families that took out insurance last year have had their accounts extended to 1/26/2016 for their one year plans and 1/26/2017 for their 2 year plans.  This means that user you took out insurance plans last year do not need to purchase any additional coverage until the next calendar year at the earliest.  So at the netbook issue nights we will only be taking insurance checks for new accounts.  If you came to the Monday Aug 31st netbook night and paid for a new insurance account as a returning user, we will return your check.


Netbook Turn-In Scheduled for Tuesday, June 16th 4PM-6PM (7th Grade) and Wednesday, June 17th 6PM-8PM (8th Grade)

Netbooks will be turned in with AC adapter, case and box (if available).



In an effort to complete Smarter Balanced testing in a timely manor, we have opted to test the entire 7th and 8th grade at the same time every morning from 9-10 for 2 weeks starting on April 6th.  Two of the tests require an audio component.  As you can imagine, all students listening to a voice on the computer at the same time would be very disruptive.  Unfortunately we only have enough headphones to issue to about 1 grade or the other.  Since most students have ear buds or headphones for their personal devices, we were looking at offsetting our shortage with the students personal accessory.  If your student has this accessory please allow them to take it to the 2 tests that will require that component.  This would be very helpful.


Also, part of the justification for purchasing the netbooks was so we could utilize them for testing.  Students are required to ensure that their netbook is ready for testing each morning.  If they take netbooks home, they need to charge them before coming back to school.  If they do not take them home, they need to make sure they are plugged into the cart each night.  If a student is signed up for the take home program they cannot leave their netbook at school and expect them to be able to charge them in the cart.  We do not have the extra adapters to facilitate charging them here.


Please remind your child to charge the units before school and if they are available , to bring in their own earbuds/headphones.


Thanks for your assistance,


Steve Robert

Smarter Balanced Test Coordinator


All printers set up on the netbooks should be labeled by type and room they are in.  The one exception is the Color Laser Printer in room 225 (Ms. Oxnard's Room).  That is labeled as 205colorlaser.  This is a typo.  You can select and rename that printer in your profile so you can remember where it is.


All student netbooks will be turned in for the February break for maintenance and update purposes.  Students will turn in netbooks Thursday Afternoon before dismissal.


Netbook Report

Letter from the Administration September 2014

Letter from the Administration October 2014

Internet Safety Resources

Initial Netbook Information Session:  Monday, November 3rd, 2014  5:15PM

2nd Netbook Information Session:  Wednesday, November 19th, 2014  5:15-6:15PM

First Netbook Sign-Out Date:  Monday, November 10th, 2014  8:30AM-5PM

Second Netbook Sign-Out Date:  Thursday, November 20th, 2014  6PM-8PM

3rd Netbook Information Session:  Thursday, December 4th 5:30PM-6:30PM

Remaining Netbook Sign-Out Dates:  Remaining Netbooks will be signed out by making arrangments to meet with Mr. Robert at the school during a convenient time for parents/guardians. Mr. Robert can be reached at 942-5488 ext. 112 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Recent questions about the Netbooks not covered in the handouts:

If a student cannot print or access their P: or S: drive but can get on the Internet, then they are on the GUEST wireless network.  Simply click on the signal bar bottom right of the screen and click on the NWES network and log off and log back in and it should work fine.

If you are missing the S: (shared drive) you can easily connect to it by clicking on the computer icon in the start menu and then select "computer" on the menu line.  Select "map network drive" and then you will have 2 blocks to fill in.  The first is to assign a drive letter.  Select "S:", then in the folder section type in the following:  "\\nwserver3\shared", click finish and the Shared drive will be back in your network drive section.

When students bring netbooks back and forth to home and school without logging off or powering down, they can lose networked drive links on the computer.  If this happens they simply need to log off and then log back in to re-aquire them.

When accessing online textbooks, you will be better off using Google Chrome as your web browser.  Other browsers seem to have difficulty on occasion loading the shockwave player to see the textbook pages.




Who can pick up netbooks?

Only parents/Guardians who attended a netbook info session are authorized to sign out a netbook. Students are encouraged but not required to sign for netbooks.


What printer in the library can I use?

As of the end of Nov. 2014, we have only the Xerox printer in the library.  On the netbooks it is called teh ColorQube 8507.  You can rename the printer something like Library Xerox or Library colour if you like by right clicking on the printer in printer properties and typing in something new.

Why can't I reset my password on my netbook?

Unfortunetly we have a technical glitch with Windows 8 machines and passwords.  We are hoping this will be resolved after the Thanksgiving break.  For now please log onto a Windows 7 or XP machine and change your password their.  Once you go back to your netbook with the new password it will work fine.


What software is installed on the Netbooks?  See Below:

Windows 8.1 Pro

Microsoft Office

Libre Office



Google Chrome



Logger Pro

Mozilla Firefox

PDF Creator

SBAC Browser


SMART Notebook

NWEA Test Taker


Can I decline a netbook for a personal device?

Sorry, due to specific software installed on the netbooks, every 7th and 8th grade student will need to have one in class as well as possibly need one to take home for occasional homework.

What if my netbook will not shutdown?

This seems to come up when students go between different networks.  If the unit has been trying to shutdown for more then 10 minutes, simply hold down the power button until all lights go out (not blinking).  The next time you start the netbook it should function fine.  It is a good idea that you shutdown your netbook when you go between school and home.


Can I print at home?

Yes, if you have the connection information for your printer you should be able to connect to it as long as Windows has the driver software.  Se Mr. Robert with questions.


My computer will not connect or I cannot see my P: or S: drive.

Make sure you are connected to the NWES network.  If you are not connected or connected to the GUEST account, you will not be able to access shared resources on the network.  Click on thestrength bars at the bottom right of the screen and click on the correct network.  Shut down your computer when you go between different networks and you will run into this problem less frequently.



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