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Parent and Student Portal

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If you would like to have access to the Parent and Student Portal for our Student Infromation System, please follow the instructions below:


1.  Click on the MMS Parent Login link above.

2.  In the parent portal login page, click on the link below the login space.

3.  You will need to know the exact way our system stores the parent first name.  It could be a mother's name, a father's name, or even mother's name/father's name.  Try those three before inquiring about a problem.

4.  Last name needs to be exactly as in our system.

5.  Login can be whatever you like.

6.  You will need to know the exact student ID number.  please do not omit any zeros before the number (i.e. student id 000000567 cannot be abbreviated to 567)

7.  Once completed you will receive an email from our technology director Mr. Robert with a temporary password.  Login with that password and you will be directed to change it.

8.  After you log in you can add other children to your account, change your password, create student logins for your children, etc...

9.  If you have trouble please contact the office to verify names and ID numbers.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 November 2011 14:33 )