Northwood School vision statement

“Northwood School will implement a high level of core curriculum standards through a responsive, flexible system of learning to meet all students’ needs academically, behaviorally, and emotionally.  We strive for a united community based on mutual respect, kindness and equality for all students, staff, families and residents in the town of Northwood.”

Northwood School mission statement

“The mission of the Northwood School is to inspire students to be lifelong learners.  As a community, we are committed to providing a safe, challenging environment that encourages all students to aspire to excellence.  We do this based on our beliefs of the 8 Conditions of Student Aspirations.”


Sense of Belonging - Feeling like you are a part of a group, while knowing you are special for who you are.


You will be included and welcomed into groups and activities.


Heroes - Having someone who believes in you and who is there when you need them.


You will have people who will support and believe in you.


Sense of Accomplishment - Being recognized for many different types of success, including hard work and being a good person.


You will be acknowledged for your contributions to the school.


Fun and Excitement - Enjoying what you are doing, whether at work, school, or play.


You will be motivated and engaged.


Curiosity and Creativity - Asking “why?” and “why not?” about the world around you.


You will be encouraged to ask questions and express your ideas.


Spirit of Adventure - Being excited to try new things, even when you are not sure if you will be good at them.


You will explore new challenges by taking safe risks.


Leadership - Making your own decisions and accepting responsibility for your choices.


You will become someone others will want to follow.


Confidence to Take Action - Setting goals and taking the steps you need to reach them.


You will have a voice and be heard.


*Definitions of the 8 Conditions of Student Aspirations taken from the Quaglia Institute